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The movie Kingsman: The Golden Circle is a sequel to the famous spy thriller Kingsman: The Secret Service. Both the movies are made from the comic book of the same name by Dave Gibbons and Mark Millar. The movie made by director Matthew Vaughn is a perfect continuation for the prequel. There are many new faces in this movie as the plot takes a severe turn with time. Watch Avengers Infinity War Movie Online


Plot of the movie

The plot of the movie is based on the Kingsman secret agency that operates from the UK and their whereabouts. There is an organization by the name of The Golden Circle, led by Poppy(Julianne Moore) that wants to create new world order, which destroys the entire facility of the Kingsman. Therefore, the agents of Kingsman like Eggsy(Taron Egerton) and Merlin(Mark Strong) are forced to leave the UK and they find their USA counterparts who are operating as Statesman. The Statesman agents Tequila(Channing Tatum) and Jack Daniels/ Whiskey(Pedro Pascal) save the lives of Kingsman agents and help the agents of Kingsman take down the terrorist organization. Even we can find Harry Hart(Colin Firth) back with a bang with predictions that the bullet in the last movie only damaged his eye as he stayed alive.

The Cast: Kingsman The Golden Circle Movie (2017)

There are many known faces from the previous movie who are working as the same character in this movie. The known faces are:
1. Taron Egerton: as Gary Unwin (Eggsy), who is the protagonist and an agent of Kingsman since the prequel.
2. Colin Firth as Harry Hart, Eggsy’s mentor who was presumed dead in the prequel but now it is found that the bullet hit him in the eye only.
3. Mark Strong as Merlin, Eggsy’s trainer, tech support and a field agent for Kingsman.
4. Sophie Cookson as Roxanne Morton (Roxy), Eggsy’s best friend and also a Kingsman agent.
5. Edward Holcroft as Charlie Hesketh, a former Kingsman trainee who becomes Poppy’s henchman.
6. Samantha Womack as Michelle Unwin, Eggsy’s mother.
7. Hanna Alstrom as Princess Tilde, Eggsy’s lover.

There are many new faces in this sequel too as we can see there is an agency Statesman operating just like Kingsman. The new faces are one of the best actors like:
1. Julianne Moore as Poppy, a notorious criminal mastermind and the head of The Golden Circle.
2. Halle Berry as Ginger Ale, Statesman’s tech support.
3. Channing Tatum as Tequila, a Statesman secret agent.
4. Jeff Bridges as Champagne/ Champ, the head of Statesman.
5. Pedro Pascal as Jack Daniels/ Whiskey, A Statesman secret agent.
6. Vinnie Jones as Poppy’s personal bodyguard.

The cast suggests that this movie is going to hit big when it comes to the theater and is going to create a big impact among the people. The spy thriller category is very famous among the people and Matthew Vaughn made this movie based on the comics which happens to be favorite among the people. This makes it interesting to find a new plot with totally new characters and a different story.

Release Date Of Kingsman The Golden Circle 2017 Movie

Kingsman: The Golden Circle was scheduled to be launched during summer this year on July 16, 2017, but it was changed to September 20 in the UK and September 22 in the USA. It is expected to hit the other theatres by the end of the week. This is most awaited among the fans and the most important part for which people are waiting is the return of Harry Hart and what is the fate of the Kingsman agency, if it merges with Statesman or gets a new place again. The film will have both IMAX and 3D release.

Members of Kingsman Team

Director Matthew Vaughn with his production team led by him, Adam Reid and David Bohling put forward their second attempt which is for the fans and the Screenplay by Jane Goldman and Matthew Vaughn is expected to be even better than the prequel making it more and more interesting as how the flow of things going on. The team also reported that they have started casting and planning for the third film of this series making it a rumor that the plot for redemption is going to be continued and not completed in the second film.

What do Fans expect from the Movie?

The comic book readers and the fans from the first movie are eager about Eggsy taking the center stage this movie with Harry Hart back from the dead. There are also high expectations from Jeff Bridges, Pedro Pascal, Channing Tatum and Halle Berry taking one of the major roles in the movie. There are rumors about best fight sequences, high graphic scenes of warfare and also scientific challenges with enough amount of it just like that of the first movie. Watch Thor Ragnarok Full Movie Online The fight sequences are expected to make a greater impact than the first movie where Statesman agents use their own weaponry for fights.

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